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Drawing Classes in Choolaimedu

Drawing Classes in Choolaimedu - Sri Dharshini Kalaikoodam Provides Drawing Classes in Choolaimedu, Drawing Classes includes multiple types of Art Education, Professional Education, Commercial Education and Psychological Education as well. Sri Dharshini Kalai Koodam has been teaching various arts to all ages of people who long to learn in a new dimension through Traditional Gurukul method.We are Best Center to learn Drawing Classes in Choolaimedu. Irrespective of ages many students are learning art of wishes of their heart. We here at Sri Dharshini Kalai Koodam provide multiple types of art education namely Professional education, Commercial education and Psychological education as well. Now Visit Our Center in Choolaimedu and get more details. We also make you experience a new homely way of learning of various kinds of arts that paint your life with happiness and satisfaction.

Sri Dharshini Kalai Koodam is started with a strong belief and thought that cited here.

  • Works Produce Habits
  • Habits Produce Attitudes
  • Attitudes Defines Targets
  • Achieving Targets brings you Success!!!


Drawing Classes in Choolaimedu

content_img_1 Sri Dharshini Kalai Koodam has dedicated itself for the growth of Arts.

Sri Dharshini Kalai Koodam started in the name of “Sri Dharshini Service Centre” in 2003 at Sulur in Coimbatore District. Then in 2005 in its growth it reached Chennai at Kodambakkam - Choolaimedu area in the name of “Sri Dharshini Kalai Koodam”. For the past 7 years it is running successfully with a great number of students. From 2008 onwards it has become a Registered and Government authorized Institution. Sri Dharshini Kalai Koodam has received “Best Institutional Award in 2003” by Yuvakendra.

Sri Dharshini Kalai Koodam has conducted many exhibitions, camps, workshops, contests all over TamilNadu. It has received many admirations and awards by highly recognized artists of India. Sri Dharshini Kalai Koodam is conducting many special classes and contests presided by the great skilled Artists like Shri. Dakshinamoorthy, Shri.Rajavelu, Shri.Pon Ragunathan, Shri. Senathipathy, Shri.Viswam, Shri.J.K, Shri.Raman, Shri.Jayaram. These eminent artists have given their works to our institute for the growth and motivation of our students.